Why Squash 57?

Squash 57 (or racketball as it was previously known) is becoming increasingly popular. Very similar to squash – played on the same courts, but with a shorter racket and larger ball – it is sometimes viewed as squash’s more accessible cousin.

Squash 57 has all the same health benefits of squash and, although potentially easier to pick up and play, games can still be fast and furious, meaning you can burn up to 750 calories in a 40-minute session.

All of the other benefits that are found in squash are the same for squash 57 – it’s a relatively low-cost sport, can be played by men, women and children alike and courts are available throughout the region, so it’s easily accessible. It is played indoors, so is an all-year-round, all-weather activity and it is very sociable, with leagues, tournaments and club nights at clubs and leisure centres everywhere.

Tournaments & Training

We run regular tournaments and training sessions, led by our highly qualified and dedicated team of coaches.

Racketball racket, ball and safety glasses

Squash 57 Rules

Although squash 57 is a derivative of traditional squash, there are some variations in the rules that you need to familiarise yourself with before playing.

Click on the link below to view the official rules of squash 57.

Junior Programme

Surrey also has a well-established junior squash programme, helping to nurture and encourage new talent. This includes a grass roots squash initiative in association with Squash Squared, which gives access to squash to youngsters in deprived areas, who wouldn’t ordinarily get a chance to play.