Welcome to Surrey Squash!

Surrey Squash is a charitable organisation committed to building squash and squash 57 participation in all venues in the Surrey region. Our aim is to keep all members informed of events and information released within and outside of the county.

Surrey Squash currently has 147 juniors across both boys’ and girls’ squads, from under-9s through to under-19s.

In the most recent 2020 Inter County Championship, Surrey had both boys’ and girls’ representation in the finals of every age category. We have three national team champions in the boys’ under 11, boys’ under 13 and boys’ under 17 groups. We also won bronze in the girls’ under 11 and silver in and the boys’ under 15 categories.

We’re excited to welcome your junior into our thriving squad of players and hope that the information on this page will ensure you feel confident starting your junior’s squash journey with Surrey.

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3 boys with awards at inter-counties championships competition

Talent pathway

As you are just starting your county journey you are now at stage 3 in Surrey’s Junior Talent Pathway

The stages are:

  1. Grass Roots – introduction to squash at school or by friends
  2. Club – joining the junior section at your local club, playing in the Surrey Junior Cup
  3. County – training with others within the county and representing the county
  4. Aspire – Regional squad made up of highest performing juniors from London and South East
  5. National – Best players from Aspire squads

Click here to learn more about the junior talent pathway.

Junior schedule

Junior squads, run by Head Coaches Michael Hennings and Clare Wright, meet once a month on Sundays.

The Surrey teams will train in the week running up to the event Inter County Championships. The selection process for the teams is based on the Surrey rankings.

All dates and venues will be emailed to you at the beginning of the season. You will also be informed about any local and major tournaments that players should enter.

Girls group at a squash competition

Surrey rankings

2 girls playing squash

Surrey Squash has rankings for each age group. These rankings are amended when players move up an age group and when players win or lose to opponents in their age category.

Match results from the Surrey Junior Cup, Surrey squad sessions, tournaments and challenge matches can be used to move up or down the rankings. Matches must be played as best of five games to be eligible. If matches have been played without a Surrey coach present, parents will need to email the scores for the result to be taken into account in the rankings.

The Surrey county teams are chosen from the top players in the rankings.


The squad sessions are organised around the Inter County team tournaments. There are A and B team tournaments – National Inter County Tournaments and Six Counties Grand Prix respectively.

As individuals, juniors will be encouraged to enter ESR sanctioned tournaments. These tournaments will help expose players to a competitive environment and new players, helping to further develop their game.

A new county player would be encouraged to enter local Copper tournaments then focus on Bronze, where they meet players from across England.

Platinum, Gold and Silver tournaments are dependent on performances in ESR tournaments, so aimed at the more experienced and higher-ranked players.

For more information on how to enter click here.

Squash awards

England Squash ranking points

2 boys playing squash

ES Ranking points are given for every competitive activity a junior takes part in (except the B team matches).

As a junior progresses on their journey they will find that, to enter Silver tournaments and above, they must be at a certain level in the England squash rankings to be accepted.

This ranking is determined by points won at Bronze and Copper tournaments.

The squad coach or your club coach will be able to provide a more detailed explanation.


Julie Chappell, our fantastic Junior Secretary, will send you a ‘Player Agreement’ and membership form at the start of every season. On here you will find the details about how to pay to attend the sessions.

The annual payment includes ten monthly coaching sessions and pro appearances at these sessions.

Other benefits include the chance to represent the county and being the first to know about local tournaments, coaching camps and events.

Boys group and coaches

County shirts

Order Junior Kit (use password SS2020)

3 girls wearing Neil Desai Foundation shirts
5 boys wearing Surrey Squash shirts

Thank you

We look forward to you starting your squash journey with Surrey Squash!

Julie Chappell

Please click here to contact Julie Chappell with any questions.

Surrey Squash Parents’ Information Pack v1.1 13 June 2022