Hello, I’m Michael, I’m a student at the University of Surrey and from 16th-18th February 2024 I’m organising the first ever PSA sanctioned professional squash competition at Surrey Sports Park.
I started playing squash aged 7, and it has been a huge part of my life ever since. I’ve made so many new friends, travelled to new places and I’d say it has helped shape me in to the person that I am today. It’s for these reasons I want to give back to the squash community, to my friends, to help others who play our game.

Life as a professional squash player is not easy – every player who turns professional begins at the bottom of the ranking list, and at the lower levels there are few tournaments, with very limited prize money. This makes it extremely tough to start improving your ranking, and most players rely on secondary sources of income to survive, as prize money alone is no where near sufficient. It is a sad statistic that only about 10% of professional squash players are able to survive through playing squash alone.

I am running a PSA closed satellite event to support these players, to help them increase their rankings and earn a small amount of income. This in turn helps them break into the larger competitions with greater ranking points and prize funds, making their lives ever so slightly easier.
Running a professional event has many costs associated with it – Equipment costs such as squash balls and court hire, tournament registration fees, and prize money for the players to name but a few.
Despite support from Jesse Engelbrecht, founder of SportMind, www.SportMind.io and Joe Magor, www.cmstringers.com for which I am incredibly grateful, I still find myself considerably under budget for the event. I am looking to raise an additional £600 to ensure the prize fund for the tournament is secure and all of the costs can be covered. Any additional funds received will be added to the prize fund to provide greater reward to the players.
The first 10 donations of £20-40 will receive a SportMind.io high-quality metal water bottle, courtesy of Jesse.
The first 10 donations of £40+ will receive a tournament T-shirt.
This campaign closes on 17th February 2024.
Thank you,
Michael Mattimore