Junior Inter County Championships 2023

This year all age groups had a team represent Surrey for the boys and the girls, and a B team for the boys U13s. Across the age groups, we won 3 national titles!


U11 – Maya Goel, Chloe Johnston & Freya Hennings finished 2nd place

U13 – Ester Chak, Nikita Goel & Ruth Lewis finished 1st place – National Champions!

U15 – Ciara Boulanger, Maja Leese & Emma Lelliott finished 4th place

U17 – Sophie Evans, Skye Murphy & Imi Wood finished 9th place

U19 – Savannah & Ellie Thomas finished 3rd place


U11 – Alex Moule, Thomas Earwicker, James Bissett finished 4th

U13A – Frankie Binns, Desmond Lee, Jaanshere Khan, Joe Colton & Euan Thomson finished 1st place – National Champions!

U13B – Omar Sherif, Matthew McKenzie, Felix Cresswell, Sam Barklam & George Purvis finished 7th place

U15 – Indie Flint, Zach Woolven, Gabriel Chak, Luke Mcbride & Alex Venter finished 1st place – National Champions!

U17 – Michael Chak, Ronnie Hickling, Jake Johnston, Sonny Maskell, Wilf Baker & Fred Taylor finished 2nd place

U19 – Chris Chak, Sonny Flint & Zain Qureshi finished 8th place

Many thanks to all the parents and Surrey and club coaches for their support and encouragement over the weekend and throughout the season. And well done to all the players for all their hard work and improvements throughout their junior competitions journey! We’re excited to see what happens in the future!