Our Surrey Men are heading to the Premier Finals after winning all three of their matches!  With a team of Jordan Warne, Ruudi Clarke, Ben Coates, Seigo Masuda, Sam Hodgkins, Neal Brooker and Dan Zammit-Lewis, they defeated Cornwall 4/1, Dorset 5/0 and Avon 5/0.  A convincing victory.

Our Surrey Ladies 2 had a tougher weekend.  Rachel Harris, Lilly Pinggera, Sarah Broadberry, Cath Monday, Ella Frankland and Fiona Pearson began their campaign with a tight 2/3 loss to Devon then followed that up with a 3/2 win over Avon.  Unfortunately Sussex put an end to any hopes of us making it to the Premier Finals by beating them 4/1.

Men's Surrey 1st team
Ladies Surrey 2nd team